Translation Funding

Translation Funding Initiative | Übersetzungsförderung

For Fiction from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Arab World and Turkey

Since 1984, Litprom has been a contact point for the promotion of translations for fictional works from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arabic World to the German-speaking market. This initiative was and is supposed to help empower the literary exchange and the publication of important works from contemporary authors from above mentioned regions.

Since April 2017, it was also possible for German publishers to submit planned translations from Turkish to German.

Please note: You can only apply for this funding if you are a publisher in Germany. Also, the translation must be planned already. 

There are currently no grants available. Unfortunately, applications are not being accepted at the moment.

The program was subsidized by means of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Auswärtiges Amt) until 2022.


Petra Kassler

T +49 69 2102-143