Our Office

is located in the »Haus des Buches« | Braubachstraße 16 | 60311 Frankfurt.
Phone numbers: +49 69 2102 -113 | -143 | -250 | -246

If you wish to visit us, please make an appointment.

Our Team

Anita Djafari

Regional focus: literature from Latin America, the Caribbean, Iran and English-speaking African countries

Editor-in-chief of the literary news supplement LiteraturNachrichten and responsible for PR, events, the “Weltempfänger” list, “LiBeraturpreis” award and “Frankfurt – City of Refuge“ Project

Tel.: +49 (0)69 2102-113 

Petra Kassler

Regional focus: Maghreb, French-speaking African countries, Arab world

PR manager and online editor, responsible for our website and newsletter. Also curates the book club and manages finances and staff. 

Tel.: +49 (0)69 2102-143 

Joscha Hekele

Regional focus: Japan / Southeast Asia

Organises “Weltempfang” events for Frankfurter Buchmesse and the Sheikh Zayed Book Award. Also the contact person for the translation funding programme. 

Tel.: +49 (0)69 2102-250 


Marcella Melien

Trainee who supports the team in all departments. Mainly involved in managing events, including the Literaturtage (Literature Days) 2020.

Tel.: +49 (0)69 2102-246 


Friederike Ottnad

Provides administrative support, including managing the members of our book club. 

Tel.: +49 69 2102-247

Marie Thomas

Working student who supports all Litprom departments, in particular by managing our social media presence. 

Tel.: +49 69 2102-270  

Thomas Bouimtas

works as an intern in various departments.

Tel.: +49 69 2102-270

Florian Kniffka

Freelancer who curated the Literaturtage (Literature Days) 2017. Studied comparative literature and philosophy at Goethe University, Frankfurt, and is currently working on a doctorate on “creolisation”. A freelance essayist and literary critic, he writes for Litprom’s literary news supplement LiteraturNachrichten and 


Raffael Weger

Freelance team member based in Vienna. Studied Chinese studies and is currently completing a master’s degree in comparative literature. In cooperation with Litprom, he developed a blog on which he publishes reviews of books from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arab world.


Achim Stanislawski

Freelance team member, who provides support for various Litprom projects involving book fairs. Also regularly contributes to the literary news supplement LiteraturNachrichten