Our Office

is located in the »Haus des Buches« | Braubachstraße 16 | 60311 Frankfurt.
Phone numbers: +49 69 2102 -113 | -143 | -250 | -246

If you wish to visit us, please make an appointment.

Important note for Authors

Litprom e. V. is not a literary agency. Please don't send us any manuscripts, we won't pass them on to German publishers or check them for a translation. If you are looking for a suitable publishing house, feel welcome to search our Sources-Catalogue.

Our Team

Anita Djafari

Regional focus: literature from Latin America, the Caribbean, Iran and English-speaking African countries

Editor-in-chief of the literary news supplement LiteraturNachrichten and responsible for PR, events, the “Weltempfänger” list, “LiBeraturpreis” award and “Frankfurt – City of Refuge“ Project

Tel.: +49 (0)69 2102-113 

Petra Kassler

Regional focus: Maghreb, French-speaking African countries, Arab world

PR manager and online editor, responsible for our website and newsletter. Also curates the book club and manages finances and staff. 

Tel.: +49 (0)69 2102-143 

Joscha Hekele

Regional focus: Japan / Southeast Asia

Organises “Weltempfang” events for Frankfurter Buchmesse and the Sheikh Zayed Book Award. Also the contact person for the translation funding programme. 

Tel.: +49 (0)69 2102-250 


Marcella Melien

is responsible for managing events, including the Literaturtage (Literature Days) and "Weltempfänger-Salons".

Tel.: +49 (0)69 2102-246 


Friederike Ottnad

Provides administrative support, including managing the members of our book club. 

Tel.: +49 69 2102-247

Thomas Bouimtas

works as an intern in various departments.

Tel.: +49 69 2102-270  E-Mail:

Florian Kniffka

Freelancer who curated the Literaturtage (Literature Days) 2017. Studied comparative literature and philosophy at Goethe University, Frankfurt, and is currently working on a doctorate on “creolisation”. A freelance essayist and literary critic, he writes for Litprom’s literary news supplement LiteraturNachrichten and 


Raffael Weger

Freelance team member based in Vienna. Studied Chinese studies and is currently completing a master’s degree in comparative literature. In cooperation with Litprom, he developed a blog on which he publishes reviews of books from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arab world.