Literature Days

Litprom-Literature Days

Exciting diversity, live!

On the last weekend of January, Litprom e.V. hosts its annual literary festival, the Literaturtage/Literature Days. The event takes place in Frankfurt’s very own Literaturhaus. The Literaturtage bring together authors from various parts of the world to exchange opinions and make connections – and to give German audiences an opportunity to meet them. Exciting diversity, live – that’s what this event is all about.

In 2019, Litprom brought together ten authors from all around the world (including Argentina, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa and many other countries) to talk about the extensive topic of Global Crime – Crime Literature as a Global Code. 

Litprom e.V. Braubachstr. 16 | 60311 Frankfurt | +49 (0) 69 2102-113 or-143


Literaturhaus Frankfurt | Schöne Aussicht 2 | 60311 Frankfurt

Tickets and Prices

Single Ticket: 8 € | Discount Ticket: 6 €
All Weekend: 28 € | Discount Ticket: 19 €

Presale (All Weekend Tickets only) via Literaturhaus Frankfurt