Weltempfänger: Litprom's best of-list

Four times a year – in spring, summer, autumn and winter – Litprom publishes a list of the respective season’s seven best literary titles from Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Arab World. 

The list is called »Weltempfänger« (»world receiver«, a radio of sorts) since special technology makes it possible to broadcast radio stations all over the world. 

In fact, this is essentially what the jury – compromised of journalists and media professionals as well as writers — of this »best of« list does: to send out and receive the world’s best literature around the globe.

Look at the actual »Weltempfänger« on the German website

The Jury: Ilija Trojanow (President), Katharina Borchardt, Anita Djafari, Andreas Fanizadeh, Claudia Kramatschek, Ulrich Noller, Jörg Plath, Ruthard Stäblein and Thomas Wörtche


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